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Everything begins with a thought, a dream, a wish for something you hold dear to become a reality. Josh and I have always been passionate about horses. I grew up doing lessons in Trinidad during school holidays and naturally I couldn't wait for summer to roll around so I could spend my days at the stables immersing myself in all that was horse. Josh had it in his blood, his family rooted in horse racing, he was born with a natural passion and talent.


We met by chance, Josh is a farrier and had come to shoe some horses at Jericho Stables where I was managing. Our passion for horses drew us together and now we are married with two beautiful daughters Lily and Madilyn. Our dreams to own our own stables and horses are closley knit and have been bouncing around in our heads before we knew each other. Now together we decided this was fate and we would work as a team to achieve it. What better way to accomplish a life goal than with your soulmate.


We began writing down everything we thought important, all the details, drawing sketches of how it may look. Not a penny in the bank to even buy a horse but that didn't matter, we wanted to be ready if the money ever presented itself. Well the money never did show up but we decided life is too short to wait. We  sold what we could, found us two horses off the racetrack and one from my dear friend Lena to be a good foundation to begin. There was no turning back, we packed up what we could afford to ship, and with family support for tickets and somewhere to stay we moved to Josh's island home of St. Lucia. A most magical island and where we were married. 


Now we found ourselves with a great business plan, some horses, no land, no money and living off of Josh's parents. Change was most definitely needed. Thankfully it came! Josh was offered a position to manage Morne Coubaril Estate in Soufriere and it just happened to have an old stables there too. Our stars were beginning to align. So we headed off to Soufriere, with horses and children in tow. 


It is trully an enchanting place on the estate, every morning I wake up and feel like we have travelled back in time to when life was a bit simpler and people were more kind. It's here we have been building our dream bit by bit. There is a long way to go but that makes the journey more enjoyable. We invite you to come and experience a part of that journey with us and explore the beauty of Soufriere in St. Luica.


Always dreaming and learning to be the change I desire.

One Love,

Keri de Freitas

Happy Riding!

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Open everyday from 8am to 4pm.

Morne Coubaril Estate,

Soufriere, Saint Lucia.

Mobile: (758) 717-5800 / (758) 730-5975


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